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Obtaining a Permanent Contract in Luxembourg

Studying is over. It is time to find your first permanent contract in Luxembourg. The recruitment world is sometimes complex, but the tools exist for efficiently decoding it.

Permanent recruitment in Luxembourg: the ideal place for finding a first job.

Luxembourg’s is characterized as a country in the heart of Europe that benefits from an exceptionally dynamic economy relative to its neighbors. This effectively shapes its recruitment trends and processes. Working in the Grand-Duché requires specific skills and knowledge.

Obtaining one’s first job and permanent contract in Luxembourg is about preparation. There is no room for improvisation. Being organized in one’s research means avoiding reaching the end of the year with another 300 CVs sent and still being plagued by self-doubt.

Instead of risking getting lost in the vastness of Luxembourg’s traditional recruitment sites, one must precisely plan and tailor their research. If you do so, the selection of job postings and companies to which you apply will be much more effective.

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Having three questions to guide you is a must!

  1. What are my expectations?
  2. Your studies end and your career path is clearly laid out before you? Not so simple. One must reconcile their dream job with the realities of the labor market of Luxembourg. Employers have needs and expectations, just as you do. Luckily, in Luxembourg the economic fabric is comprised of a wide range of businesses that offer high-quality positions that are able to launch promising careers.

    Determine your priorities: A quick recruitment? A renowned employer? A meaningful mission? A certain salary? Internal mobility? Decision-making autonomy? Possibilities for professional training? Teamwork? Location? Or a combination of any of these different elements.

    After analyzing and formalizing what you would like to have in a job, you need to study the job market and adapt these expectations to its availabilities.

  3. What is the context?
  4. Being recruited requires the effort of researching your relevant work sector, the type of employer you desire and their position in the market. The time spent on such research is an investment in your future.

    With this information, it is easier to edit your cover letter and prepare for interviews. Research that is more detailed allows you to highlight the skills and areas of your academic background that are most relevant or best suited to the needs of a potential employer.

    Cover letter edited? CV adapted? While waiting for this now brilliant CV to meet the hands of the recruiter, it is time to prepare for the ever-daunting interview…

  5. Am I well prepared for a permanent job in Luxembourg?
  6. The moment has arrived. So…Is my outfit appropriate? Is my presentation well done? Am I speaking clearly? What should I say my departing salary was if they ask me?

The recruiter will have to sift through the cover letters and qualifications of all the job candidates. They will compare them and sort them based on these first two steps. These steps are essential to increasing one’s chance of success. But executing them on one’s own is not so simple…so, Adecco will be there guiding you throughout the recruitment process, helping you:

  • Define what you are looking for and your expectations
  • Adapt your objectives to the framework of the local market
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Ensure you are being connected to the businesses waiting for someone with your exact skills and competencies