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Job interview tips, avoid these mistakes...

Whether because you do not have a job for the moment or because you are determined to make a career change, the job search is usually a process to which we devote energy, time and resources.


In this process that begins with research and sending resumes, the job interview is a very important step to which you must pay particular attention. Now we are going to focus on the aspects that you should consider so that this long-awaited event goes as hoped.

Job interview

Being late for the interview

It is not necessary to arrive at the company one hour before the appointment. On the contrary, it can be counterproductive in the same way that if you arrive late, it shows that you are not able to organize your time. If, because of an unforeseen event, you will arrive late, inform the person with whom you have an appointment.

Showing a lack of interest

You have certainly sent dozens of letters to different companies, but the day of your interview, you must fully know the position for which you are applying and the company to which you sent your resume. Otherwise, you will show a lack of interest, which will cause a bad impression with your interlocutor.

Lying on languages

It is true that the knowledge of languages is an increasingly important factor, which can impact the final decision of your interlocutor during your interview, but it is not advisable to lie about your level. It is common for recruiters to do all or part of the interview in another language. If you are unable to do so, they will lose confidence in the other skills you have listed on your resume.

Ignoring your resume

Know your career path perfectly and do not exaggerate it. If you are not able to argue or to explain a point in your resume, it will arouse doubts with your interlocutor. A good strategy is to prepare an “elevator speech”.

Forgetting documents

Providing multiple copies of your resume or diploma can be helpful and will demonstrate your organizational and foresight capacity.